Also, not all situations are quite handled for example, if you

Related objects are denoted by a “>” sign. On detail pages, the value is the profile name, as expected; however, in list views and reports, the value is the internal value of the associated profile instead. For example:(ORNone of the above applies to profile names referenced by the $Profile global variable.It does not seem to have a child parent relationship because the object “Event Attendee” is not an opition in the advanced formula picklist fora new field on the”Event Invitation” objectI need a way to pull the information even though there is no parent child relationship between the two objects.July 4, 2012 .

Hermes Replica Cut down on the loaded language. Stick to a single exclamation mark. If you sound like you’re about to blow a fuse, then people will assume that you are FURIOUS, and then they will tell you that you’re overreacting, and that you should just shut upUnless you have all optimization turned off, this is going to compile away to nothing. You can have a page layout for you, with all fields visible on detail/edit page layout. And a seperate page layout for users and hide the fields or make the fields read only. However, the users will be able to see those fields in reports since hiding fields from the page layout doesn prevent them from accessing them in reports.One last note on page layouts, the detail page and the edit page display the same fields. Hermes Replica

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Hermes Replica Bags However practically any DDL will get an ACCESS EXCLUSIVE lock on the target object, making it completely inaccessible until the DDL transaction finishes. Also, not all situations are quite handled for example, if you try to select from table foo while another transaction is dropping it and creating a replacement table foo, then the blocked transaction will finally receive an error rather than finding the new foo table. (Edit: this was fixed in or before PostgreSQL 9.3)CREATE INDEX. Hermes Replica Bags

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