After residents started voicing their concerns about the impact

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Because of this attitude, a small amount of money kept the program alive. She said that her advisers told her she must agree to not take another job if she continued the program herself. Taking a better job with a higher pay was like ignoring a slice of chocolate cake, but she said that it was a family decision to keep it Fake Handbags going.

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SubscriptionsGo to the Designer Fake Bags Subscriptions Centre to purse replica handbags manage your:My ProfileA small Quebec town that was facing a $1 million lawsuit from an oil and gas exploration company for trying to protect its own water has won its court battle and could see half of its legal fees reimbursed by the Montreal based company.The municipality of Ristigouche Sud Est has been waiting on this decision from Quebec’s Superior Court since August 2013, when Gastem sued the municipality of 157 people.Mayor Franois Boulay said citizens have been worried and anxious for the past four years. He was relieved to see the judge ruled in their favour.Tiny Quebec village faces $1.5M lawsuit for trying to replica handbags Wholesale Replica Bags china protect its waterQuebec mayors warn new rules for oil and gas exploration could imperil drinking water”I can’t hide this is a sweet moment,” he said Wednesday after the Replica Bags Wholesale ruling came down.Company had drilling permitGastem obtained a drilling permit from the province in 2011 to search for oil and gas on Quebec’s Baie des Chaleurs, where Ristigouche Sud Est is located.After residents started voicing their concerns about the impact the drilling could have on the municipality’s drinking water, the town passed a bylaw in February 2013, setting clear rules.A two kilometre distance had to be Replica Designer Handbags respected between drill sites and residents’ wells. The bylaw also banned the introduction of any chemical substances into the soil.Gastem sold its drilling rights to Petrolia in 2013, one month before the lawsuit was filed in Superior Court.

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