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The City of Samannoud:
(1) Ahmed

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[[b]] ​​El Mahalla El Kobra City: Grammar, sentence structure and / or amend sensitive content Green Line – Meed El Shoun – Beside El Tahra Market Supermarket – 01010902828 – El Mahalla.. After 4 pm

The City of Samannoud:
(1) Ahmed Fahmy – Mobile Maintenance Center – Antar Building – Saad Street Zaghloul – Beside Ragheb Shaaban – Near Al-Shreihi Mosque – Midan – Samannoud 01025355657 [[د]] كفر الزيات: (2) A / Khaled – Islamic Shop – Al Haj Salim Street – Off Saad Zaghloul St. (Al Souk) – In Front Of The Great Mosque – 01007655884
(3) Mecca For Services Mobile – Imam Ali Street – next to Sudan – Kafr El-Zayyat – 01227080919
All near the city council building

– (2) m / Ramy Boshra – Rotana – Mall Mall – Governmental Complex Complex – In Front Of Lebanon Pearl Market – Beside El Sharkeya Governorate – 01221555039 – 01068383121 El zaqaziq

(3) A / Hisham Mahmoud – Baba Abdou Library – El Salam Street – Beside Zagazig University Faculties Complex – 01271813144 – Zagazig. Hermes Bags Replica

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