1 per cent up on 2017 figures

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yves saint laurent replica purse Why Cambridge has seen a steep decline in shoppersA total ysl pin replica of 481 stores shut their doors across the region last yearA total of 481 stores shut replica ysl their doors across the region last year as local shop workers face a twin attack from austerity and Brexit, according to Cambridgeshire MEP Alex Mayer.She has blamed austerity and Brexit but Cambridge BID chiefs have also pointed out that the bad weather earlier this year also played its part in the downturn.Westminster debate The challenges facing retailers were debated in Westminster, today (June 6).The MEP said: “Our high streets and town centres are ysl replica boots at the heart of our community and are the life blood of our economy, but the retail sector is being gutted by the Tory Government’s austerity agenda and Brexit woes.”More than 37,500 retail workers are currently employed in Cambridgeshire.Is this the ysl replica t shirt end of Cambridge’s shopping boom?The detailed picture in CambridgeThe report said: “Year on year, footfall in March decreased by 6 per cent, a substantial decline compared to the increase of 1.3 per cent seen for March 2017 and the steepest year on year fall since the end of 2010.”The 12 month average stands at 1.4 per cent. There was no growth ysl replica handbags in footfall for any UK regions.”The most notable declines (year on year) were seen in Greater London, 7.5 per cent, South East, 6.5 per cent, and in the East Midlands, 5.9 per cent.”The report added: “High Street showed declines across all regions, in particular: Greater London, 11.7 per cent, South East, 9.7 per cent, and the East, ysl opyum replica 8.8 per cent. “Cambridge city saw an 11 per cent fall looking at the ysl varsity jacket replica weekly average.But the weather did drive people into the city’s shopping centres.The BID report said: “With regards to footfall, Cambridge shopping centres being indoors have fared very well: nationally, shopping centres were 4.9 per cent down whereas in Cambridge footfall was level, with 2018 and 2017 figures almost equal.”High street woes But Cambridge suffered more on the high street than in the region and nationally with one in ysl polo replica 10 shoppers lost.The report also gives a picture of how car parks fared as well as park and ride sites and the guided bus.The report said: “High Street footfall, however, was 11 per cent down in March 2018 compared to March 2017 this is comparable with 8.6 per cent down nationally and 8.8 per cent down in the eastern region.”With regards to car park usage, the surface car parks were 11.1 per cent up on 2017 figures.”We have included the spaces at Shire Hall for the first time this month; Shire Hall provides 52 parking bays and is open to the public 7 days a week.”Multi storey car park usage was down slightly, 1.3 per cent lower in March 2018 compared to March 2017.. yves saint laurent replica purse

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