” You need to arm us with arguments for why Reddit should

OxFEEDBEEF comments on Protecting the Free and Open Internet

Its not enough just to say, “this kills reddit.” You need to arm us with arguments for why Reddit should continue to operate as it does so that we can fight on your behalf, and I don think your current OP does enough to do thatAt the very basis of HTML lies simple structured markup and links. The link didn appear in version 2 of HTML but was there from the beginning. Probably the only reason why the web moncler outlet online became the de facto way of serving information on the internet is because of the hyperlink. The hyperlink is simply a reference towards another page (possibly on another site) and a descriptive moncler sale text.It simply become impossible to discuss anything on the web without linking to a source, and from a netiquette point of view it become customary to include the title of the article you linking to as to inform the user where the link goes to. For instance we don do this shit here in our paragraphs, but instead explain that we are linking to the wikipedia article on Hyperlinks. To tax this is sheer idiocy, and there no way that the money paid for this linking privilege is in any fashion going to end up with the rights holder in a correct fashion to begin with. Case in point: royalty collection for the music industry is a mess, and this is likely the system that they propose to put in place, where everyone gets their hands in the pot, and nobody except a lucky few actually get any returns anyway.A few years ago a trend started in our newspaper websites, which was to remove the comments section almost entirely. Newspapers didn have the means (either technologically, manpower wise, or simply financially) to moderate their comments sections, and with comments inevitably come trolls spouting all sorts of ill advised nonsense. It not like newspaper have money to spare at the moment, and they are essentially competing with “free news” in all the wrong ways, resulting in a further decline of the newspaper industry, at least here locally.So Reddit is probably the best place at the moment to read a wide variety of opinions on international news. The question now is, should Reddit pay for linking to the original article or not? I honestly can think of any reason why it should. Newspapers should honestly be jumping for joy that a site posts a reference to their article with a nice descriptive text. After all, simply linking to something in reference should drive traffic from a large userbase (or at least from those that bother to read the article). Verbatim copy pasting of articles in my opinion should be strictly verboten, but if a user moncler mens jackets copy moncler sale outlet pastes an entire article should reddit be held legally responsible? At the moment the US provides a safe harbor feature through the DMCA, which means that unless Reddit disregards such notices it can be held responsible for the actions of its users. This is actually great for a number of reasons, as opposed to the european way (or at least my part of Europe) of doing things right now, where the owner of the website is held liable for third party content as well, since it serves as a publisher for that content. For example, if reddit was in my country, and I posted racist slurs on here (I won reddit could be held liable, even if I had disguised my racist slur as an emoji or two. Sumy is a bad example since what it does is select a few keyphrases from the article based on various mathematical models, and drops them into the summary verbatim (often with hilarious results, do experiment with this code if you have the chance, it a great application of NLP ). Other approaches are to generate entirely new sentences based information gathered from a variety of sources, with buy moncler jackets little or no wording from the sources themselves being reused. Infamous examples are often automatically generated financial reports from raw data, sports results, but I seen more complex stuff that seemingly goes beyond boilerplate text generation. There a lot of research in this area, and I wouldn be surprised if in the next 10 to 15 years we be reading articles written or heavily assisted by a bot. The question then becomes at what point does it stop being a derivative work and an original piece. At some point we going to feed a neural network enough Bach to generate a new Bach like piece, and it might actually end up being original work that bests him (but don get your hopes up just yet).Article 13 is cheap moncler sale actually far more scary. It deals with cheap moncler coats finger printing techniques such as codified in MPEG 7 (patent minefield, btw, as with all things MPEG), or the ones more infamously known such as Content Id. I not familiar with the inner workings of Content Id (neither is anyone outside of Google, treat is as a magical black box with lots of voodoo happening around it), but I am moncler outlet familiar enough with some of the techniques used in MPEG 7 to give a personal opinion about them, as I implemented similar techniques with different algorithms myself in a CBIR context unrelated to intellectual property.Let say you have a ginormous archive of images, and you received a variation on one of the images in your archive. You like to find the original image, so you could start using the various techniques described in those standards to “fingerprint” the image and instead of searching through TBs of monlcer down jackets image data, you now have a set of descriptors which you can search for in a database containing millions/billions of these descriptors. These descriptors could be anything, from as simple as a histogram of the colors, to derivates of those histograms, a DCT of localized average color, recurring textures (patterns in stone, or in clothing), simple shape recognition, etc etc. It a really interesting field, especially outside of the scope of protecting intellectual property, as in recent days people are combining object level recognition, resulting in a program that will describe your image like “a dog with a bone in a grass field”.The problem is that techniques like these aren flawless. Let be very naive for a moment for the sake of simplicity and say that you indexing every movie known to man and you using only a dominant color descriptor. The dominant color descriptor indexes the n most dominant colors in an image, stores them for retrieval. You just done this for “Terminator 99: I be back after I find my walking cane” where an aging Arnold Schwarzenegger utters his famous line dramatically and the screen fades to all black for a second before the credits roll (worst terminator movie ever). We indexed that, stored it on our database, and we moving on to the next movie Peter Jackson magnum opus “Braindead 2 : Mother Returns” where our hero once again is confronted with the fact that his zombified mother again ate his girlfriends dog and dramatically utters “Not all of it” before the screen fades to black (roll credits, best movie ever.). We start indexing our frames Moncler Outlet , we look at the dominant color descriptors and we match Terminator 99 (you get a false positive). There the infamous example of chirping birds from quite a few years ago, and despite its fingerprinting system you often find people reuploading videos to youtube from other users. Google now is experimenting with its deep learning neural network to filter inappropriate content (not necessarily wrt intellectual property), but it only a cheap moncler jackets matter of time before that too is going to generate a false positive we get to read about after clicking on a (taxed) hyperlink.My point in this whole contrived example is not to show that these systems are bad, because given the needle in haystack problem, many of these system perform fairly decent, but that these systems with a large enough haystack are guaranteed to suffer from an unhealthy amount of false positives. A large enough haystack also means that you need a lot of infrastructure to deal with storing the descriptors, a lot of infrastructure to search for needles in your haystack, and that costs money. We can now all do the jedi handtrick while muttering “You cheap moncler don need that infrastructure, the rightsholders can do it in the cloud”, but regardless how often you wave your hand, the jedi aren real and “the cloud” still costs real money, and quite likely they rightsholders will try to monetize this as a service. One might even say that it an attempt at having your cake and eating it, but perhaps that is too far of a stretch.So I want you to imagine it being the early 2000s, and this little service known as Youtube starts up. Before they even setup their website, the rightsholders tell them to integrate with several fingerprinting services because that now a legal requirement or spend the next 5 years in court only to settle by walking out of court with hopefully your pants still attached to yourself. Right now, rightsholders are complaining that the DMCA process (which is largely amateurishly automated and outsourced to legal firms, and thus results in a huge amount of errors) is costing them too much, so you can imagine what they do with a proper fingerprinting system. Can you imagine Youtube growing and becoming what it is today cheap moncler outlet with those kinds of regulations? A site like that now suddenly is solely the domain of an already established business with dedicated legal team, and a large enough financial buffer to deal with “unfortunate events”.A question that is answered by none of this at all is “What happens to actual fair use?”. I not talking about the guy who uploads entire albums and slaps “Fair use, email me to take it down lol” in the description, I talking about the actual valid cases for fair use, such as using excerpts for criticism, research, journalism, etc. Currently there is a very low barrier to entry to run a legitimate service on the internet, and that absolutely great. The next Faceblok, Stumblr, LeafJournal, BoobTube or Readit is always just around the corner, all it takes is the idea, a few programmers, starting capital and a few smart business people (and a lot of luck). I not arguing that regulations are necessarily a bad thing, but this in particular feels like you imposing very strict rules on your own weak(er) market while the other markets are already leaving you behind. On the one hand the EU (or rather some politicians in the EU) is very concerned about the fact that most of its data resides on American companies servers, on the other hand it imposes rules on its own market that is likely going to prevent the next Twutter service from emerging in the EU. It perhaps a somewhat classical case that the left hand isn aware of what the right hand is doing, both sharing in the lament of the lack of growth in the european market and the amazement that small businesses aren magically turning into the next Google.My biggest disappointment in the EU is that with “the single digital market” services like Netflix still do moncler outlet store not deal with the EU like a single unified market https://www.hotmoncleroutlet.com , but instead have to deal with each nation in the market separately. The consumer is relieved of the idea of geoblocking, merely by having the block move with him/her inside the EU, but hey at least we got cheaper roaming out of it. Right?There are efforts in the EU where I applaud the result, and there are efforts where I end up posting long rants on reddit, posting the last links that I can before I eventually have to pay for them in a misguided attempt at fixing a broken business model.

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