You had to put cash on a card to get drinks there and a few

All our group bar three had tickets for England v Wales so with me being one of the trio without tickets we decided to go to the Fan Zone in Paris to watch the big game. You had to put cash on a card to get drinks there and a few lads in our digs who had been to the Fan Zone to watch the French the night before gave us their cards, which basically meant we had a war chest of over 250 euro to spend on booze and hot dogs. So with this in mind quite why I began drinking neat Bacardi at 10am that morning remains a mystery..

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iphone 8 plus case I just don think it interesting or noteworthy enough to post to social media.But seriously, I get it. I look back on pictures of myself when I was at my heaviest, and actually thought I looked “healthy and curvy” and think, “WTF was going on there?”.I think part of it (for me) was being surrounded by people who were my size and even larger. When you are the smallest in comparison to all of your peers, all of whom are unhealthy and obese, you don think you doing too bad.BTW I love your comments about food, “stop eating like I on vacation” and “it will always be there for special occasions” iphone 8 plus case.

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