They had a solid defence that was able to counter the

There will be a few more of those core emotions to address between now and mid September. That is when Saturn goes back into Sagittarius and the energy changes to one of a more spiritual nature.Does this mean transformation is going to end then? No it will be another three years before Uranus leaves Aries. As we noted in previous editions, Pluto is the transformer and part of this role is to uncover all dark secrets.

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France had 19 shots yesterday, twice as more as Belgium. They had a solid defence that was able to counter the Lukaku/De Bruyne duo efficiently and start counter attacks with Mbappe and Giroud and they took advantage of that. And despite everyone focusing on the lousy end of the game, they still tried to score another one after that first goal, that could have been a 2 0 on several occasions.

We refer to big GPS orbital picture (meaning all 24 moving in sequence) as the GPS constellation, despite its lack of originality. They are divided into six different orbital planes with each plane inclined 55 degrees to the equator. The image to the right, courtesy of GPS Magazine, gives you an idea of the orbital positioning..

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