There have been some collisions and accidents already

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To the scientifically uninitiated, it might seem like a canada goose outlet uk sale frivolous idea: That those slight, wispy clouds that canada goose outlet trail behind jet aircraft at such high altitudes could contribute to climate change. But they do.

Scientists love to measure things, and when they measured these contrails, which is short for condensation trails, they found bad news. Though they look kind of beautiful and ephemeral on a summer day, they pack an oversize punch when it comes to their warming effect.

When it comes to the future of space exploration, the name of the game is money To do this, space agencies and aerospace companies around the world are investing in things like reusable rockets, single stage to orbit (SSTO) rockets, and reusable space planes. This last concept builds on the tradition established by the Space Shuttle and canada goose shop prague Buran spacecraft, two reusable vehicles designed to make space launches more affordable.

The one drawback of these spacecraft was the fact that it still took two rocket boosters and a canada goose outlet legit huge external fuel tank to put them into orbit. This is where the Synergetic Air Breathing Rocket Engine (SABRE) comes into play. With the help of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the UK Space Agency (UKSA), this revolutionary hypersonic canada goose outlet toronto engine recently took a big step towards fruition.

Continue reading for the Skylon. Europe agrees to continue working on the air breathing SABRE engine

When Elon Musk of SpaceX tweets something interesting, it generates a wave of excitement. So when he tweeted recently that SpaceX might be working on a way to retrieve upper stages of their rockets, it set off a chain of intrigued responses. But this is the first hint that they may try to do the same with upper stages.

Twitter responders wanted to know exactly what SpaceX has in mind, and what a party balloon might be. Musk hasn elaborated yet, but one of his Twitter followers had something interesting to add. Kupec to see if he could help us understand what Musk may have been getting at. But first, a little background.

An Canada Goose Jackets low ballistic entry coefficient decelerator is a bit of a mouthful. The ballistic coefficient measures how well a vehicle can overcome air resistance in flight. A high ballistic coefficient means a re entry vehicle would not lose velocity quickly, and would reach Earth at high speeds. An ultra low ballistic entry coefficient decelerator would lose speed quickly, meaning that a vehicle would be travelling at low, subsonic speeds before reaching the ground.

To recover an upper stage booster, low speeds are desirable, since they generate less canada goose black friday 2019 mens heat. But according to Kupec, there another problem that must be overcome.

happens when these things slow down to landing velocities? If canada goose outlet black friday sale your center of gravity is offset significantly behind your center of drag, canada goose uk outlet as would be the case with a returning upper stage, it can get unstable. If the center of gravity of the re entry vehicle is too high, it can become inverted, which is obviously not desirable. the trick is to lower the speed of the re entry vehicle to the point where the canada goose outlet california heat generated by reentry isn damaging the booster, and to do it without causing the vehicle to invert or otherwise become unstable. This isn a problem for the main stage boosters that SpaceX now routinely recovers; they have their own retro rockets to guide their descent and landing. But canada goose outlet location for the upper stage boosters, which reach canada goose black friday offers orbital velocities, it an obstacle that has to be overcome.

research is specifically focused on how high you can push the center of gravity and still maintain the proper flight configuration, said Kupec.

But what about the party balloon that Musk tweeted about?

Musk could be referring, in colorful canada goose decoys uk terms, to what called a ballute. The word is a combination of the words balloon and parachute. They were invented in the 1950 by Goodyear Aerospace. They can arrest the descent of entry vehicles and provide stability during the descent.

balloon would have to be 120 ft. in diameter, and made of a high temperature fabric Professor Dave Akin, University of Maryland

Universe Today contacted Professor Dave Akin of the University of Maryland for some insight into Musk tweet. Professor Akin has been working on reentry systems for over 2 decades.

In an e mail exchange, Professor Akin told us, have been concepts proposed for deploying a large balloon on a cable that is towed behind you on entry. The balloon lowers your ballistic coefficient, which means you decelerate higher in the atmosphere and the heat load is less. So the key is to scrub your speed before you get closer to Earth, where the atmosphere is thicker and generates more heat.

But according to Professor Akin, this won necessarily be easy to do. get the two cheap canada goose orders of magnitude reduction in ballistic coefficient that Elon has been talking about the balloon would have to canada goose outlet eu be 120 ft. in diameter, and made of a high temperature fabric, so it not going to be all that easy. Musk track record shows he doesn shy away from things that aren easy.

Retrieving upper rocket stages isn all about lowering launch costs, it also about space junk. The European Space Agency estimates that there are over 29,000 pieces of space junk orbiting Earth, and some of that junk is spent upper stage boosters. There have been some collisions and accidents already, with some satellites being pushed into different orbits. In 2009, the Iridium 33 communications satellite and the defunct Russian Cosmos 2251 communications satellite collided with each other, destroying both. If SpaceX can develop a way to retrieve its upper stage boosters, that means less space junk, and fewer potential collisions.

There a clear precedent for using balloons to manage reentry. With people like Professor Akin and Quinn Kupec working on it, SpaceX won have to reinvent the wheel. But they canada goose black friday fake still have a lot of work to do canada goose black friday discount.

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