The post reads: “So young Blair was slightly quiet in the van

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best replica ysl bags This hilarious clip of two baggage handlers cheering up their recently single co worker by singing Cher’s hit Believe went viral after appearing online.Ryan Mitchell, 32, and Gary Bell, 26, decided to try and lift pal Blair Cassidy’s spirits after he was broke up with his girlfriend.Golf fanatic to play 10 replica bags china rounds of golf in ONE DAY in Alzheimer Scotland charity fundraiserThe 29 year old was demoralised after attempts to get over the heartbreak on dating apps proved fruitless.But the Milgavnie based AMS Baggage Transfers workers belted out the 90s classic to try and lift replica bags from china free shipping his mood.Filming the hilarious episode in their van, the pair sing along with the euphoric ballad while Cassidy cuts a forlorn figure in the passenger’s seat.Sadly, Ryan and Gary’s effort fails to put a smile on their colleague’s face, despite flashing a sheepish grin as the camera replica bags paypal cuts to him.However that doesn’t stop the cheeky pair of jokers best replica ysl bags who continue on undeterred, as Blair closes his eyes in an attempt to escape the torment.The video, posted onto a Facebook page run by Ryan two weeks ago, has racked up 1,500 likes on social media as has been viewed over 79,000 times.The post reads: “So young Blair was slightly quiet in the van today so Gary and I tried to cheer him up. Maybe the song is before his time.”Welcome Mat demonstration at George Square in Glasgow to send message to Donald Trump about refugeesFacebook users were quick to comment on the hilarious footage. Keep on singin’ xx”While another posted: “Aww this is amazing. best replica ysl bags

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