The lining is anti microbial

Updated in 2017, the Baby K’tan Smart Gear Diaper Bag is an innovative product that is designed with an integrated wet bag, as well as 14 storage pockets on the inside and outside. The lining is anti microbial, water resistant, odor resistant and FDA food grade; it’s designed specifically to protect your bag and your belongings from messy spills and stinky, wet clothing. These features make it the perfect option for schlepping around wet swim clothes, or even dirty cloth diapers! The polyurethane laminate waterproof interior lining is also BPA and PVC free.

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Replica Handbags Highland, which houses the bookstore, and recently expanded it to incorporate a pristine gallery. A bootmaker’s shop, Mike’s cafe, and temporary offices for the county while the courthouse is renovated occupy other sections of it. Across the avenue and two blocks north, another building the couple acquired is home to the nonprofit Marfa Studio of Arts, which opened in the fall, and to the Ave Maria Gift Shop, another recent addition Replica Handbags.

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