The BlueTEC Hybrid’s real benefits then come with running costs

‘overwhelming’ outbreak of lassa fever in nigeria kills 73

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The Mercedes C300 BlueTEC Hybrid boasts CO2 emissions of 94g/km and can return 78.4mpg, so is it a better choice than the traditional diesels?The Hybrid pairs up hermes belt replica aaa the same 201bhp 2.1 litre four cylinder diesel engine used in the C250 with a 27bhp electric motor, and while Mercedes hasn’t revealed any official performance figures yet, it feels quicker than the 6.6 second 0 62mph sprint of the C250. That may have something to do with the electric motor, which fills in the low end of the rev range with cheap hermes belt torque, where other diesel C Class models can feel a bit best hermes replica handbags lacking.You also hear a bit less of the high quality hermes birkin replica engine, which is a good thing as we found one of the C250’s few downsides was the rattly engine note. Don’t expect to be cruising around on electric power all day, though it really only works up to about 20mph and for short distances.The BlueTEC Hybrid’s real benefits then come with running costs and lowering company car tax in particular.

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