The Bloods play at a council owned ground but have been looking

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purse replica handbags Saffron Walden secure long term lease and bring in Spurs man as first Director of FootballThe future is looking bright at Catons Lane in more way than oneSaffron Building Society’s Colin Field and Claire Hunnable with Saffron Walden players and Ryan FlemingGet daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee replica bags in pakistan our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailJonathan Scripps has a dream of one day seeing his great grandchildren watching Saffron Walden Town at Catons Lane and that dream is now one step closer.The Bloods play at a council owned ground but have been looking to take out a 100 year lease on it to secure their long replica bags online term future.Having set up a Just Giving page to cover the legal costs, just under half was raised by Bloods fans over the past few months, while the rest has been stumped up by Saffron Building Society.”The 100 year lease not only secures our future but gives us a much better opportunity when going for the bigger stadium grants as we’re here to stay nobody is replica bags lv going to build a MacDonald here,” said Scripps.”Hopefully my great grandkids will one day be watching matches here, and it’s nice to know that when I’m old and grey there will still be a football team here hopefully playing at a higher level and doing really well.”Saffron Walden Town bidding to secure their long term survivalWalden currently play in the Essex Senior League, having transferred back this summer after replica bags review 13 years in the he Eastern Counties League, and the club has ambitions to eventually play higher.”It’ll be a tough league, but we’re really looking forward to challenging and we’ll give it a go,” replica bags thailand said Scripps. “We’re not expecting to win it, but it would be nice to finish in the top five and build then challenge maybe in two to three years.”Indeed, the ground lease is not the only building for the future Walden have done away from the pitch. They have also appointed Spurs youth development coach Glen Wilkinson as their first ever director of football.”Glenn has been at Spurs for 25 years as a development coach, and when I spoke to him a while replica bags ebay back he described our club as a bit of a sleeping giant,” Scripps added.”We want to develop players for the first team and provide a pathway for the future. purse replica handbags

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