Some officials have blamed Lashkar e Taiba

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Hermes Bags Replica The shootout overnight, west of the main hermes belt replica uk city of Srinagar, comes amid high tension after suspected militants shot hermes sandals replica dead seven Hindu pilgrims and injured 19 others in the disputed Himalayan territory.Soldiers and counterinsurgency police cordoned off a neighborhood in Redbugh village late Tuesday after learning about the presence of armed rebels in a house, a hermes kelly bag replica police officer said.”After the aaa replica bags night long standoff, all three militants were killed Birkin Bag Replica when they tried to high quality hermes birkin replica break the cordon,” the officer said on condition of anonymity.Shopkeepers replica hermes oran sandals in Srinagar’s main commercial center Lal Chowk hermes belt replica shuttered their businesses for the day.There is no suggestion the shootout was linked to the attack on a bus shuttling Hindus on an annual pilgrimage to a Himalayan cave revered as the abode of the god Shiva.Some officials have blamed Lashkar e Taiba, a pro Pakistan militant group, for that attack but it has denied any role.Jitendra Singh, minister of state in the Prime hermes replica belt Minister’s Office, said police and security forces were still carrying out investigations.”No one should jump to any conclusion on the attack. Let us wait for the definite inferences and inputs,” he told reporters in Srinagar.White House condemns attack on pilgrimsThe White House is condemning as “cowardly” a deadly terrorist hermes birkin bag replica attack on religious perfect hermes replica pilgrims in India this week.White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer says an attack on religious freedom is an attack on the “most fundamental right of liberty.”Spicer is offering condolences to the victims and families of Monday’s assault. He says the US and India will fight together against terrorist threats in every part of the world.Warned of attackMeanwhile, as high quality replica bags India’s government blamed separatist rebels for gunning down seven Hindu pilgrims and wounding 19 more in Kashmir before fleeing into the night, rebel groups in the disputed region condemned the rare, deadly attack on civilians and insisted they had no part in it.A memo that was circulated to regional police, military and paramilitary units two weeks ago indicates Indian security officials had been expecting an attack Hermes Bags Replica.

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