She has her work cut out for her

************** Adalay, music, Sudarshan, Amrit banaye,
Flute song, Music song in your name honey, Make also O nectar, in the sweet voice, stirring the thirst of the lake. I will call you back again and see you in dry eyes; You give it, but the sight of the sweet, the supreme creation; In your intensive, unhurried love, all the heat in the air, all the heat in the open touch, free of cost, living in dead, fallen ladders, green in color.
Stand alone in this compartment; For many decades, how many years of exile have been spent on business, no one has cheated, gave heat and pain, silent smile,
made the flame of the fire, the worst curse of black smoke, secretly,
and I wanted to have flowers in the puja all the way,, have received many, in this world, the arrogant clouds of the arrogant people, in the midst of the blight of hundreds of trees, in the heart of your love, lifting your love.

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