Remember the time when you were still a baby and you were

It’s definitely not too late to start walking during your pregnancy. It’s not something you have to learn or be good at. Walking while pregnant has so many benefits, and it’s free to do. Your schedule will be updated accordingly.On your SOLUS main page, under the ‘Academics’ section, click on the ‘other academic’ dropdown menu;’Program / Plan Selection’ will be the 13th menu item listed. Confirm your selection before proceeding.Click on the ‘Continue’ button to view the status of your application.If you did not receive immediate acceptance (‘Pending’ status), this means that you will have been placed on a waiting list for your selection. In this case, you will need to add an alternate program / plan as a second choiceIf you receive an acceptance for your first choice, you will be removed from your alternate selectionSelect if you want it to be printed immediately, to reflect term grades, or to reflect degree conferral.Choose if you want to receive it via Canada Post mail, FedEx courier, or if you will be picking it up from the University Registrar’s Office.If you are sending it directly to an external agency, include their name, phone number and a reference number, if available.

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