One example is the Sylvan Software medical transcription

Kerio Personal Firewall is the one the popular personal firewall in Windows but was discontinued. Sunbelt Software acquired it so people who love Kerio will continue to enjoy a firewall protection and of course, continue to be updated with support to newer operating systems. Sunbelt Personal Firewall (SPF) is maintained well under Sunbelt.

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Because the leader in the general classification wears a yellow jersey, the leader in the points classification also received a special jersey, a green jersey. The color green was chosen because the sponsor was a lawn mower producer.In the first years, the cyclist only received penalty points for not finishing with a high place, so the cyclist with the fewest points was awarded the green jersey. From 1959 on, the system was changed so the cyclists were awarded points for high place finishes (with first place getting the most points, and lower placings getting successively fewer points), so the cyclist with the most points was awarded the green jersey.1968 is the only year the jersey was not green: for that edition of the race, the jersey was red to match a new sponsor.

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