Mark Howe has earned the right to join his father

Add the name Jim Thome to your list of good guys. FILE This Oct. 29, 1979 file photo shows Gordie Howe (9) of the Hartford Whalers and his son and teammate Mark Howe (5) taking the puck from New York Rangers’ Ron Greschner (4) in first period action at Madison Garden in New York City. Mark Howe has earned the right to join his father, Gordie, in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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Have all of his favorite people all around, and some of the emergency responders, bringing those two things together would have been insane for him try to maintain our composure, remember that we have a mission and remember our purpose in the community, Champion said. I can see Craig absolutely wanting us to continue in this work, and that what we going to try to do. Family was presented with a game ball, a jersey with Lehner name on it and two tickets to this year Super Bowl.

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