I will not go near a bike lane this winter

I have been reading some articles about “how to get an “ex” back; how to make them want you back; what to do to regain their love” and so on. And, truly, I am making an effort here, both intellectual and emotional, to understand why someone would want his/her “ex” back. Here is my question to you, WHY on earth do you want an “ex” back? What is so compelling about digging yourself into trying to be with him/her again? (even worse when/if there is any kind of abuse and neglect).

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To those wondering why winter bike lanes seem empty, I cycle commute to the U of A year round. I rode the 83 Avenue bike lane until Christmas last year, then moved back to the street after my bike turned into a rusted/seized mess and my clothes were stained. I will not go near a bike lane this winter..

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