He believes redactors reworked the conquest narrative to focus

The problem is you cannot build muscle just by feeding protein unless there is a dietary deficiency, and there certainly is no supplement that can specifically target the topline. There are several potential causes of topline wasting that cannot be fixed with protein. These include aging, Cushing Disease, chronic lung disease, poor saddle fit, Equine Motor Neuron Disease, EPM and Equine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy..

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He sees one tradition that praises militant triumphalism God overcomes the Canaanites to fulfill the promise of land to the Israelites. In a second tradition, he sees interspersed texts that undermine this triumphalism (2:1 24; 7:1 26; 9:1 27). He believes redactors reworked the conquest narrative to focus on conquering Canaanite kings, rather than the Canaanite people.

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