But, I don’t have him, and I don’t have a partner to help

Humans are dicks, lol. 4 points submitted 16 days agoA lot of Republicans, me included, don see it this way. The large majority of us (at least those that I have met) all tend to agree that as long as something doesn pick pockets or break bones, we dont care what you go on to do, which you awknoledge:.

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Make the in game amenities as miserable as possible.I went to several Rams games. It was nearly impossible to get a beer or concessions. I had one beer lady at a beer stand just talking on her phone while the line to get a beer built up. There no question that CDPR is more ambitious with their titles and succeeds with that. Rockstar games are more washed down, no question. The question here is how much will CDPR wash down for wider audience.

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