But before hiring a limousine service

The iPhone 8 has been out for barely a week, but we already seeing a pair of odd reports about the device, in two cases in Japan, and one in Taiwan. In one case, the user was charging the phone when she reports it suddenly snapped apart. In the other, a woman in Japan received her new phone, only to discover it had separated in transit.

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monlcer down jackets Gemma Collins forgets what’s in her own book in yet ANOTHER frosty interviewA week after The GC went viral for repeatedly refusing to answer questions from a magazine, she’s managed to forget an entire aspect of her childhood documented in her new ‘auto’biography(Image: ITV)Get celebs updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our moncler coats outlet privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailGemma Collins has managed to forget an apparently traumatising part of her childhood in yet another awkward interview once again raising questions that she hasn’t even read her own book.The TOWIE babe has been on the promotional circuit for her new autobiography The GC: How To Be A Diva, but has twice now been stumped when it comes to questions about the book’s content.She went viral last week moncler outlet woodbury when Now magazine ran the full transcript of their interview with her, in which she repeatedly demanded to know why the journalist hadn’t read her unreleased book (because Now hadn’t been sent it) and refusing to answer any questions not directly moncler outlet online store related to the weighty tome.Gemma Collins insists boyfriend James Argent is an even bigger diva than her after ‘rude’ interview goes viralIn a womens moncler jackets sit down chat with the Press Association, Gemma was grilled on her self described “fun cheap moncler jackets read”. But couldn’t remember a part of the book in which she’d talked about getting bullied at school for her outgoing nature.”I’ve not read that bit in the book, where was that? I’ve not seen that bit so I can’t comment on that,” Gemma shot back.In Official Moncler Outlet the somewhat frosty exchange, the reality star also gave snappy one word answers to questions about her ambitions and claimed her fame only really took off after her trapdoor stumble on the BBC Radio moncler outlet mall 1 Teen Awards last year.Gemma Collins squeezes herself into TINY private plane after fans accused her of lying about glamorous transport”I like being moncler jackets outlet online famous. Just recently, it’s gone to new heights because once I fell off the stage,” she said.”It’s gone really crazy for me monlcer down jackets.

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