Another interesting method of naming tropical storms hurricanes

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You can’t take still pictures while filming. And, while the picture quality is fine for the Web, it won’t be great for anything else. Another issue is the white balance. Another interesting method of naming tropical storms hurricanes, was the use of female names to identify and track down storms during World War II. US military weather forecasters used their wives’ or girlfriends’ names, perhaps out of affection or otherwise. In later years, however, the women’s liberation movement added this method of name selection for storms among their protest agenda, as a sexist concept.

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The Secretariat draft report was prepared for the Committee by Rauf G Volker Ziemann, Kurma Akdoan and M. Utku zmen under the supervision of Vincent Koen. Fatih Ylmaz, Seyit M Cilasun and Mehmet Zahid Samancolu from the Structural Economic Research Department of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey contributed the firm level analysis of the Thematic Chapter.

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