Alabamahas its own recent scars from sex scandals

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cheap canada goose uk Since the sexual assault and harassment allegations against Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein surfaced last month, sexualmisconduct canada goose hat uk claimshave felled powerful men in media and entertainment.Alabamahas its own recent scars from sex scandals.Earlier this year, former Alabama governor Robert Bentley resigned in the middle of his term and pleaded guilty to chargesrelated to allegations that he used public resources to carry out and conceal an affair with his former top aide. Alabama votersmight remember the explicit recordings between Bentley and the woman.Then, as his governorship was crumbling around him, Bentley appointed the state’s attorney general, Luther Strange, whose office was looking into the allegations, to the Senate seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Strangelost a canada goose black friday sales toronto runoff election a few months later when Moore beat him, his ties to Bentleynot far from voters’ minds.Like Bentley, who was adeacon and a Sunday school teacher at a Baptist church before becoming governor, the allegations against Moore are a stark contrast to his Christian image. cheap canada goose uk

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buy canada goose jacket cheap But everyone should stay calm and take some deep breaths before concluding that the landscape of abortion politics in the United States has dramatically shifted in a single canada goose 3xl uk month, canada goose cap uk no canada goose matter how crazy that month was for coverage of the issue. Over time, analysts have collectively developed some informal rules for reading polls just like this one. And these rules, when properly applied, suggest that we shouldn’t revise our perception of abortion polling just yet.. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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