6M) has generated proof of concept with significant diseases of

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Canada Goose online A global consortium funded by Queensland Govt, School of Global Animal Health, Washington State University and pharmaceutical company Zoetis ($ 3.6M) has generated proof of concept with significant diseases of interest to the cattle industry including Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus and Cattle Tick Fever. The excellent research has resulted in 2 patents, one commercial lock out agreement, 3 PhDs and 11 publications in high impact journals: The vision moving forward is to target key animal health issues of $12.6b beef, $3.9b sheep, $3.4b pork and $1.1b aquaculture industries in canada goose outlet online uk Australia. Nanovaccines for animal health will result in multiple benefits including estimated revenue generation of $2 5m / disease target Canada Goose online.

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