39), lower household income (OR: 4

^_^. Anyway, Riho steadily tries to get closer to Shido, and Shido lets her in a little more each episode, until, at the very end, you see him weeping, begging for her to return to him as she is on her killing spree. Hmmmm. To address this, we examined MARCKS, as well as the closely related MARCKS related protein (MRP), mRNA expression in the hippocampus and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex of suicide victims and normal controls. METHOD: MARCKS and MRP mRNA expression was assessed by quantitative in situ hybridization histochemistry performed on postmortem hippocampal and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex sections from suicide (N = 9) and normal control (N = 10) brains. RESULTS: In the normal hippocampus, both MARCKS and MRP mRNA expression were highest in the granule cell layer and low moderate in CA1, CA3, and hilus.

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