2: The Sequel, other than the simple fact that the original

4 Bad Movies That Were Hilariously Sure of a Sequel

cheap moncler coats Movies have optimistically peppered their endings with “teaser” scenes meant to lead into a sequel for as long as moncler outlet sale I’ve been watching them. moncler outlet online Possibly longer. The point is, not every mid or post credits sequence ever filmed has Nick Fury in it. However, not every cheap moncler sale sequel teaser winds up leading directly into or Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, either. Some of them, meant to tantalize us with a vague promise of a sequel, never amounted to a second film and only served to make us cheap moncler coats even sadder about the time and money we had just wasted watching this one. How dare you make a movie this stupid and assume people would want to see more? The directors should be forced to make straight to video sequels in other franchises, like or Jesse Stone. Those things aren’t even movies, they’re just constructions meant to punish. cheap moncler coats

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moncler outlet uk “For the crime of filming a teaser sequence starring John Travolta, you are sentenced to three Jesse Stones and a.” moncler outlet uk

cheap moncler jackets sale Instead of a lush fantasy kingdom, Mario and Luigi are bombing around in a subterranean alternate universe that looks like an unused set from. Instead of a fire breathing turtle dinosaur with nipple shearing wrist collars of sexual destruction, Koopa looks like a pit boss from Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Paradise. And Big Bertha, a giant fish that relentlessly tries to eat Mario and Luigi in the games, is reimagined for the film as a fat black woman moncler sale outlet in stripper armor. Super Mario Bros. cheap moncler jackets sale

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moncler outlet Unfortunately, there isn’t cheap moncler outlet much of a story behind moncler outlet why the world was never treated to Super Mario Bros. 2: The Sequel, other than the simple fact that the original film is so baneful, voodoo shamans wear it around their necks to intercept curses. The movie makes absolutely no sense, has nothing to do with the video games (which isn’t surprising, since there is no “story” in the original Mario games beyond “a tiny red man with a mustache constituting one eighth of his visible body mass charges relentlessly toward the opposite end of the screen, killing all those who oppose him”), and is about as moncler outlet store entertaining as listening to someone playing Nintendo in the next room.”Children will love this!” a maniac moncler outlet

Furthermore, the entire principle cast insists that it was easily the worst working experience of their respective careers. Bob Hoskins hates it with every fiber of his being, John Leguizamo devoted an entire chapter of to the movie’s unbridled shititude, and Dennis Hopper literally called it a nightmare. Considering some of the peyote laced night terrors that must’ve boiled behind that man’s resting eyelids, this is arguably the strongest criticism that could possibly be leveled at a Mario Bros. movie. buy moncler jackets I’m pretty sure every Roland Emmerich movie is cobbled together from scenes that were deleted from previous Roland Emmerich movies, which is why every joke from White House Down feels like it was written in 1996, and why Randy Quaid flies an F/A 18 in The Patriot. At any rate, you will be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t think Godzilla should be retroactively retitled Feelings Hurter 1998 or The Movie That Ruined My 15th Birthday Party.

moncler outlet online Just as the credits are about to roll and we have all begun to flee the theater, one of those ridiculous Godzillaraptors hatches out of its egg in Madison Square Garden and leaps at the screen to remind https://www.mymoncleroutlet.com us that Roland Emmerich couldn’t come up with two hours’ worth of reasons to watch an 80 story atomic fury monster and decided to rip off Jurassic Park instead. moncler outlet online

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This gives us monlcer down jackets an irresistible setup for Godzilla 2: Baby’s Day Out, which would presumably lead into part three, Shia LaBeouf vs. Mechagodzilla.

cheap moncler outlet Why cheap moncler jackets the Sequel Never Happened: cheap moncler outlet

moncler sale As I’ve mentioned before, Godzilla was so bad that it literally frightened Sony into sitting on the Godzilla film rights like a moncler sale man desperately trying to suck a poop back into his anus. The original plan was to make a trilogy starring Ferris Bueller’s depleted older brother and Jean Reno’s exasperated French glare. When the movie underperformed financially and critically, Sony locked the film rights away like Walt Disney’s frozen corpse until they expired and went back to Japan where they belong. Seriously, America has no idea how to make giant monster movies. Godzilla was a $120 million production, and it managed to spawn fewer sequels than The Whole Nine Yards. moncler sale

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“You heard me, Domino’s. Send all the pizza you have.”

moncler sale outlet Confusingly based on the action figure line rather than the stupefyingly popular cartoon show, rewarded eager young He Man fans with a story about a teenage Courteney Cox and her dead parents. Because every 9 year old He Man fan wanted to see He Man clutching a tinfoil sword and running around in a diseased 1980s cheap moncler cityscape rather than engaging in operatic fantasy warfare to save the mystical world of Eternia. There’s no Battle Cat, no Snake Mountain, and only a handful of characters that anyone recognized. They even turned the bumbling sorcerer sidekick Orko into a bumbling science dwarf named Gwildor, because dwarfs are way less taxing on a production budget than faceless hovering phantasms. moncler sale outlet

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moncler outlet jackets “Just glue some shit on his face, it doesn’t matter. None of this matters.” moncler outlet jackets

moncler jacket sale Skeletor pops his head out of the red swimming pool of oblivion He Man cast him into at the end of the movie and says “I’ll be back!” Considering this is Frank Langella, a Moncler Outlet man known for playing terrifying characters, suddenly bursting out of nowhere wearing a skull mask that is realistic enough to look like a facial carving to deliver one final message to a theater full of 8 year olds who have just experienced the worst disappointment of their young lives, this scene probably dealt out more nightmares than Chatroulette moncler jacket sale.

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