Vigneault explained his reasoning for the changes following

North and South Korea could soon be ready to talk things out, ahead of the South hosting the Winter Olympics. I think we have to continue, as he said, to take the threat from North Korea very seriously.”Meanwhile, North and South Korea have a new way to communicate. A North Korean spokesperson announced on state TV that a hotline in Korea’s demilitarized zone has been restored for the first time in nearly two years.North Korean leader Kim Jong Un also says he’s open to talks about allowing North Korean athletes to compete at the upcoming Winter Games.Read More:Trump To Kim Jong Un: My Nuclear Button Is Bigger More Powerful Korean President Moon Jae in says he’s open to meeting with the North, without any preconditions.The White House is opposed to talks unless the North first abandons its nuclear program.”Kim Jong Un may be trying to drive a wedge of some sort between the two nations, between our nation and the Republic of Korea.

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Replica Designer Valentino Bag I think he has been playing this whole year very consistent and very strong.”Head coach Alain Vigneault’s decision to shuffle his lineup and move Skjei to the third pairing provoked surprise among a portion of the Rangers fan base. The regular second pairing of Skjei and Shattenkirk had been working out well for the majority of the season. Vigneault explained his reasoning for the changes following Wednesday’s morning skate.”In our last game we had some good moments, but I felt like we needed to be a little more consistent,” he said. Replica Designer Valentino Bag

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