The two squads had no history before last year

Each circular illustration combines a portrait of Gorle’s favourite female characters with a dialogue from the film. The 21 year old chooses the featured characters from the movies she’s seen, sometimes watching them again to look for a dialogue that conveyed the essence of the character and why she was powerful.

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According to the LaserDisc Association, there are now 650,000 laserdisc households in the United States. More than 5,400 movies and concerts are available on disc, and 4,000 retail outlets will be carrying them by year’s end. Stone pointed out the link between the gender wage gap and sexual harassment, both of which stem from unequal power between men and women in any given industry. Lawrence recently spoke about her experience with sexual harassment in film, and wrote an open letter to Hollywood about pay inequality in 2015.

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What we wanted right here. The Poets won seven of the past nine Class 1A state championships, including the last three, before moving to 2A this fall. The two squads had no history before last year, with their first ever matchup coming at that Dec. 3 game, a surprising fact for two programs that have been among the nation best over the past decade.

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Moreover, the big news is that the trend of bringing more women and URMs into Apple has increased significantly since 2014. In 2014, only 31 percent of new hires were women and only 21 percent were underrepresented minorities. Touching the new 4 inch Apple iPhone SE. The iPhone SE can take Live Photos (photos with a little motion attached before and after the still), and you can watch them play back by holding your finger on a photo for an extra second.

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