But the side lost its way in a 16 9 second quarter and the task

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canada goose black friday sale SEMI FINAL: Giant task in Fever semi final rematchBOASTING RIGHTS: Red hot Giants down FeverThe Vixens were gallant in defeat at Hisense Arena but were ultimately left to rue a second quarter slump as they fell to a third straight loss, 56 51.The canada goose factory outlet uk home side had needed to win the match and at least three quarters of it to qualify for finals but won only two quarters and finished fifth on the back of the result as the Lightning held onto fourth position.SURF RACE: Stephanie Gilmore leads Aussie chargePIONEER: Bec Bulley proud of her legacyKim Commane hit the scoreboard with 31 goals from 33 attempts. Picture: AAPSource:AAPwanted the win, we wanted the points to get through to finals so it an end of a season and that always disappointing when it finishes short earlier than you want it to, Melbourne Vixens coach Simone McKinnis said.actually thought defensively we really put them under pressure and did a great job and provided opportunities down to the attack end but we needed more opportunities for the attack end to score.Commane, who played with the Vixens in 2016, looked like she had been out there all season as she linked up well with the mid court, cleverly made position in the goal circle and canada goose uk delivery hit the scoreboard with 31 goals from 33 attempts.But the side lost its way in a 16 9 second quarter and the task was always going to be tough from there.While the attacking end functioned well, Australian Diamonds captain and Lighting goal shooter Caitlin Bassett was a thorn in the side of the Vixens defence all game, her height and reach proving hard to combat.Liz Watson under pressure from Maddy McAuliffe at Hisense Arena. Picture: AAPSource:AAPThe 193cm Bassett scored 41 goals from 48 attempts and got her hands on four rebounds, proving too good and too tall for opponents Kadie Ann Dehaney and Emily Mannix.The Vixens fought out the game to win the last quarter 15 11, but it was too little, too late with their season which had been so well placed a month ago already over.The canada goose outlet vancouver Lightning meet Queensland Firebirds in the competition minor semi final next Sunday while minor premier Giants Netball hosts West Coast Fever in the major semi final on Saturday canada goose black friday sale.

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