{a laugh line, congregation responds accordingly} President

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replica bags manila Get the biggest daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersMILLIONS of viewers miss loveable Leon Bernicoff enormously but, of course, no one misses him more than his devoted wife, June, the other half of one 7a replica bags meaning of replica bags philippines the great modern day television double acts.”I keep waiting for him to walk in the room,” she says in the Allerton home made famous, from 2013, through their memorable appearances on the hit Channel 4 show Gogglebox.But when talking about Leon, her husband of nearly 58 years, and partner for more than 62 years, humour is never far away.For June adds: “I’m waiting for him to shout at the TV, and waiting for him to shout ‘Chips! We haven’t had chips for ages!'”Gogglebox may be back on our screens without Leon and June, but June is helping to keep his memory alive with her book Leon and June: Life, Love and Laughter Our Story (published by Blink on September 20 at Leon died on December 23, 2017, after a short illness. He was 83.Wonderfully warm and hilariously opinionated, it felt like we replica bags sydney had known him forever but while, like his beloved June, he inspired countless Liverpool people during his teaching career, we have to remind ourselves that Leon and June, the TV couple, was a relatively recent phenomenon.(Image: Trinity Mirror NW2)”I was 75 and Leon 78,” says June, who admits she still pinches herself when she thinks of all that happened to them after Leon returned from Liverpool Bridge Club one day in 2012. Two young researchers, looking for people of replica bags los angeles a certain age to appear replica bags in china in a new show called Gogglebox, had paid a visit and Leon’s hand went up immediately!”We’re going to be stars!” he excitedly told June, who was more than a little replica bags philippines wholesale cool well, more disbelieving about the whole thing: “Get real!” she told him. replica bags manila

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